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What is green cleaning? Is it for me?

Have you already chosen to eliminate toxins from your diet? If so, wonderful. But have you ever tried to figure out what toxic chemicals reside in your cleaning products?  These are actually extremely hazardous  to the environment and to your health. So, what can you do to keep your home clean, yet safe?  The solution is clear – green cleaning.

Over the years there has been considerable controversy as to the definition of ‘green cleaning’. Traditionally ‘green’ cleaning was understood to be a type of cleaning that was not harmful to human beings.

Nowadays, this definition has evolved to refer to the cleaning  processes which are orientated to protect the client’s and the cleaner’s health, without causing environmental damage. It is clear that ‘green cleaning’ is not only about human health but environmental protection as well.

As providers of responsible cleaning services, we have developed the Green Cleaning program to revolutionize our ethos.  We protect the health of our clients by reducing toxic chemicals, waste and other harmful substances in their households.  We aim to reduce pollution and preserve the environment. As we operate a responsible and fair business, we also strive to protect our cleaners’ health as well.

Green cleaning is therefore certainly about green cleaning products. But what is a ‘green’, ‘eco’ or environmentally friendly cleaning product? It is a product that contains plant-based or plant-derived natural ingredients, and the packaging is bio-degradable. Let there be no doubt that these products are also amongst the most effective cleaners on the market. We guarantee that they have been extensively tested for efficiency.

To sum up: Green Cleaning is our cleaning model and corporate philosophy. In striving to take care of your health, your body and the environment you live in we suggest that you try Green Cleaning. Make an informed decision about the products you use today, and clean your home the green way.


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