About our pricing

It is no surprise that the first question that comes to mind when hiring a maid is, “What is your rate?” Yes, this is important, and we know that cheap rates are the key to winning new customers. Providing cheap housecleaning really isn’t that difficult. We could hire anyone, clean with cheap cleaning supplies, pay the lowest wages and so on. Sounds like a perfect plan, doesn’t it? ‘Cheap rate’ companies don’t care about you as a client. They have no regard for your well-being, surroundings or community. Why would they? Cheap rates buy cheap services.

Our approach to business is different. Yes, high quality cleaning service is our priority and our goal. No doubt, we provide similar services to our competitors. But our business philosophy goes beyond the traditional cleaning business approach.

We are absolutely sure that our service is the best. We care about your home, possessions, pets and family as if they were our own. We care about the air you breath and the environment you live in. We care about your community and we care about the country since we love it. And finally, we value your individual needs.


Give us a call and chance to establish a fair rate for your personalised cleaning needs.