Disinfection services

Disinfection services

Following the situation here in the UK and worldwide, we are starting to offer new services: disinfecting the premises with special cleansers.

The cleaner comes alone and uses personal protective equipment for herself, necessarry tools and special bacteries and viruses killing liquids.

To avoid the risk of COVID-19, we kindly ask the client to provide the access to premises and ensure limited direct contacts (premises should be empty while the cleaner does the job).

It‘s a very detailed and thorough job, the cleaner must pay special attention to all areas (such as handles, handrails, tables, windowsills, kitchen, toilets, floors and etc) so it can take much longer than general cleaning.

We strongly recommend to have this type of cleaning every 6 month, not only because of the risk of COVID-19 or other viruses, but also because of hygiene.

Keep the workplace environment clean and healthy!

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