Moving in/out cleaning

Moving in/out cleaning

Order this service when you:

  1. end your tenancy and relocate.  If you are moving out, H & W Team  professionals can clean your property to ensure the highest cleanliness.
  2. want to sell your house or flat.  After we have visited, your property will look even more attractive to potential customers.
  3. have bought a new space.  Based on our experience, we know that people are often disappointed when they move into a new space and find out that the house has not been thoroughly and professionally cleaned. If you want to be sure that you are moving into a truly clean house, we can assure you that, after our visit, your new home will be immaculate.

Our moving out cleaning service includes:

  • Thorough cleaning of all rooms (dusting, washing and vacuuming),
  • Inside and outside cleaning of kitchen cabinets and appliances,
  • General cleaning of the  oven,
  • Thorough cleaning of the bathrooms (shower cabins, tubs, sinks),
  • Removing  limescale, cleaning  the tiles and grout,
  • Inside window cleaning,
  • Removing cobwebs,
  • And much more, in order to leave the property immaculately clean.


  1. Peace of mind for the owners, agencies and tenants
  2. Better chance of getting back your security deposit
  3. Less time out of your schedule