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  • Spring cleaning is a wonderful time to declutter and let the fresh air in.
  • It is time to refresh your carpet.

In the past, people heated their homes with coal and wood. We kept our homes shut tightly because winters were freezing cold. Spring was always considered to be a wonderful opportunity to clean and to sweep in every corner. It is this tradition has endured through to today. Deep cleaning in spring will bring a sense of comfort to your home. There are several things you could be doing:

Declutter Your Home

Decluttering is the process of getting rid of unnecessary things. Play the 12-12-12 game and make this a fun experience for all family, especially children. Take a set of multicoloured index cards and write down the names of your family members together with the number 12. Ask all family members to reorganize their wardrobes, toys boxes and cabinets. Each should make a list of 12 unnecessary things and write these down on a card. When the list is finished, you can do several things:

  • Donate 12 items (unwanted books, toys, clothing and other items) to a children’s charity or to homeless children. Visit a local charity with your kids.
  • Give away 12 items as presents to your friends, neighbours or someone in need.
  • Throw 12 things away that you haven’t used for more than a year.

This game is likely to bring a competitive feel to an otherwise tedious process. You might identify a prize for completing the ‘decluttering mission’ —something like candies, ice cream, or an extra 30 minutes of screen time.

Professionally Clean Your Carpet

Your carpet makes your home comfortable. Even if you clean your entire home, it will not smell, feel and look clean if the carpets are dirty. They retain lots of dust containing allergens, dry soil, and everything else you step on and bring into the home. There are several tricks that might help keep your carpets clean.

  • Always use a welcome mat.
  • Add carpet protection.
  •  Vacuum regularly and replace the bags and filters regularly.
  •  Organise professional cleaning.

Regardless of your efforts, carpets might need to be professionally cleaned. To maintain a fresh and clean carpet we recommend cleaning it once every six months. If you are in interested in professional carpet cleaning, give Husband & Wife cleaning services a call on 07933 006181.

 Examine Certain Areas of Your Home

A top-down approach can be very useful here. What about washing down ceiling fans? Windows and shutters should also be shiny. What about kitchen cabinets, shelves and a refrigerator? It’s probably worth considering tile and grout cleaning.

Look in every room, make a list and send us what needs to be cleaned. We are ready to make a notable difference with our spring-cleaning service.

Find us at and ask for a free, no obligation quote.  Or give us a call on 07933006181 for a discussion about your particular needs.


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