Green cleaning for offices

Would you like a clean and green office? Do you want to help the environment while keeping your staff healthy?

Most businesses want their offices to look attractive, clean and presentable. Our cleaning philosophy is simple –cleaning should improve people’s health, not harm it.

Eco-friendly products and cleaning methods that are less harmful  to human health and the environment are therefore a sensible choide. By choosing Green Clearning, your office air will become  less toxic and your employees or clients will breathe cleaner air. It is important to recognise that conventional cleaning products emit gases (called volatile organic compounds, or VOCs) and odours that can trigger  breathing problems or skin allergies. According to the Environmental Protection Agency,  cleaning agents are amongst the main contributors to poor indoor air quality. Our proposed solution is to clean with environmentally friendly cleaning products that help create a fresh and clean environment. This will undoubtedly lead to better employee productivity, higher energy levels, reduced absenteeism and better moods. The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Indoor Air Quality Scientific Findings Resource Bank found that improving indoor air quality can bolster workplace productivity by up to 10%. Needless to say, less destructive chemicals increase  the longevity of surfaces including floors, walls , furniture, and  building exteriors.

To sum up: green office cleaning is a must to increase your employees’ safety, morale and productivity. Switching to green practices will set a good example to your employees, business partners, and clients.


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