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Clean with me: how to Spring clean kid’s room

Post summary:

  • Spring cleaning for kids is a benefit that will last for a lifetime.
  • Invite your sister, brother or friend to help.
  • Post your video/photos of a clean room on our Facebook page or send us an email to
  • Win a prize for your mum.

Steps to Clean Your Room

1. Pick up all trash and unnecessary clutter. There might be lots of things that you want just to throw away. Look around and carefully decide if you need to keep some stuff or just want to get rid of it all. Look under your bed and gather all the trash. You will probably find a real ‘pool’ of things you need to throw away.

Sort through and put aside anything that is not in the right place. Put toys in a toy box. Put your books on a shelf. If you have a lot of loose junk in your closet, buy plastic bins for storage. Pick up all dirty clothes and toss them in the washing machine. What about shoes? Put these in a shoebox or on a shelf.

Let’s make a rule: If your mum needs to constantly pick up off unnecessary stuff from the floor, for each left item on the ground, you will go to bed five minutes earlier.

2. Clear your table if it is cluttered with things like school materials, tea mugs, empty crisp packets or drinks cartons. Throw it all away, if you don’t need it any more.

3. Time for professional cleaning. Lift your eyes up, right to the ceiling. Cobwebs? Clean them with a feather duster. Go down to the windowsill and clean it with a slightly damp cloth. If there are any other surfaces like shelves, cabinets and tables, dust them.

4. Start vacuuming. By now there should be nothing on the floor. It’s time to vacuum. It is important to know that vacuum cleaners never pick up pieces of Lego, puzzles or your socks. The vacuum cleaner is for picking up dust, mud, hair and soil. Clean all corners and under the bed. I know it is pretty difficult but try your best.

5. Not a lot left! Wrap the vacuum cord. Put the vacuum cleaner away. Tidy all other cleaning materials you used away.

6. Make a short video / or take a photo of your clean room and send it to us to let us know how cool you are.

7. We will reward not only you but your mum as well.

8. Post your video/photos on our facebook page or send us an email. Ask your mum for assistance if needed.  She will be happy to help.

9. Be proud of yourself.

If you need some help, ask your mum to find us at or give us a call on 07933006181.



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