Peace idea

Today, we are entering into a radically new business era and raising our performance to the next level. We look forward to creating a world of happiness and peace through the delivery of our services. We want to connect with our current and potential clients in new ways. It is our desire to create a peaceful life for all of us.  We have a passion to become one of the most socially responsible and ethical companies in the nation and we want to enrich people’s lives. We believe that business can be most successful in friendly, healthy and peaceful communities. We want our communities to give back through volunteering, taking part in charitable events, and donating to worthy causes in the places we serve. As a cleaning company, we want better lives for everyone. To achieve this this goal, we will devote our financial resources and work to create a peaceful future for our stakeholders, including clients, employees, and local communities.

Let’s now create a better life that will pave the way for a bright future.


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What is peace?

Key peace elements

Tolerance and Respect for People

  • Our company is our people
  • We treat all people, including our team and clients with mutual respect and tolerance
  • We express this thorough providing high quality services for clients, and creating space for our employees to work, grow, learn and enjoy coming to work every day
  • We stand for equal rights. Therefore, we employ people, regardless of their background, race, religion and nationality
  • Even though we understand that English language is a corestone of our business, we provide opportunities for people without English proficiency to earn money through hard work and dedication.


For us, community is a place where people feel comfortable to live and work. Therefore, it is essential for us to:

  • engage with local people, communicate and meet their diverse needs in providing our services
  • improve the well-being of children and families living in poverty
  • provide opportunities for single mothers and other women in need of work
  • be sensitive to the environments
  • respect local people, customs and traditions.


We believe that people surrounded by a peaceful aura should live in a healthy environment.

  • we are committed to creating cleaner and greener neighborhoods;
  • we are dedicated to teaching the younger generation to live in a healthier and environmentally-friendly manner.


For us, business is the tool to empower people to lead a fuller life.  We are doing this by:

  • employing mature workers, regardless of their culture, beliefs, and linguistic proficiency in English;
  • employing young people and paying them more per hour than most cleaning companies do. We encourage young people to earn their own money and fairly compensate them accordingly for their time and energy
  • giving support and training for all employees
  • providing safe and healthy working conditions
  • establishing and developing long-lasting loyalty between clients and company
  •  ensuring transparency and accountability through all business operations.

Our Customer is a Peace Ambassador


We believe in maintaining only peaceful and respectful relationships with our customers as they are also the ambassadors of peace. We are all one family and one community.

In providing our services, we create an environment for people to feel comfortable in a stress and conflict free setting. We assume that your home is your peaceful oasis and will always treat it with the highest respect.

We believe that your home environment is full of positive ideas. We invite all our clients, community members, partners, friends and other people to create peace together.

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