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Organic House Cleaning Trends for 2019

Post summary:

  • An over-dependence on traditional cleaning products in the cleaning process is very harmful to our health and the environment, especially for children and small babies.
  • Eco -friendly cleaning products are necessary for every household.
  • It is a stereotypical believe that eco-friendly cleaning products are too expensive and less effective than traditional ones. Rather, they are efficient and the selection of concentrated products are the best solution for your cleaning practices.

Every New Year brings innovations to our lives. This year we will focus on emerging trends in organic cleaning.

Eco-friendly and natural cleaning products are the norm, and the standard in the cleaning industry for the year ahead, because people are more aware of the harmfulness of traditional cleaning chemicals. Toxic elements such as phosphates, VOCs, ammonia, acids, bleach, artificial colouring and fragrances need to be banished from the home in order to lead a healthier life. Using green cleaning products can also mean that we are contributing to a cleaner environment.

Do we really need to switch to organic supplies? What eco-friendly cleaning products are effective? And why do they cost so much? These are two questions we usually hear from our customers.

In general, we say ‘yes’ to organic cleaning methods and supplies. There are some strong motives for using them. Firstly, they are better for your health. For example, innovative cleaning products like Ecos, Method or Ecover, don’t produce lung-damaging fumes and they are not harmful to the skin. Secondly, they are safe for all human beings, including babies and small children. Imagine your 3-month old baby breathing toxic fumes after cleaning your home with chemical products. Maybe one of your kids ingests some chemicals. What will you do then? Our children don’t have the right to decide but you can frame the future of your child and bring him/ her in a safe environment. Needless to say, they are dangerous for your pets.

Additionally, chemical-free cleansers are effective cleaning products. Scientists, chemists and engineers have been working decades to the best formulas to achieve the same level of effectiveness as traditional cleaning products. Luckily, they have already achieved this and are making offerings for natural cleaning products.

Something else to be aware of is that green cleaning products might be not the best solution for very dirty deep cleaning projects. Our experience tells us that some premises have been neglected for some years, therefore, baking soda, vinegar or orange oil will not do the job. Such occasions call for strong chemical cleaning products to shift dust, grime, mould, and grease. This is because such built-up dirt is impossible to clean naturally. Once the initial cleaning process has been carried out, you can use cleaning products made from plant-based extracts to maintain cleanliness.

Another question that concerns our customers is the high price of eco cleaning products. Whilst it is true that these cost more than conventional cleaning products,  the costs have been gradually reducing over time. We have some recommendations.

  • Use less. We are used to overusing cleaning products. Use only small amounts of product and you will be surprised how well they clean.
  • Buy concentrated all-purpose cleaners and dilute. You will get the same amount of cleaning product in a smaller bottle and this means you can reduce waste as well. This is the first step to a more environmentally friendly way of life.

But there is much more going on in discussions about green cleaning. Follow our posts. We are committed to sharing with you the best green cleaning practices throughout the year.


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