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Cleaning Santas bring people together

Peace & Warmth on Earth … Or at least in our clients’ homes in Maidenhead

Ready for the holidays? Are you buzzing around the malls looking for presents? Are you spending time wrapping presents instead of telling bedtime stories to your kids?  Is it any different this year? No? Of course not, this is what the modern holiday season is all about. The frenzy associated with the holidays can mean that we forget about the most important thing of all – spreading warmth and peace amongst the people we love. Let’s make it different this year.

Husband & Wife cleaning services stands for family warmth and connectedness this Christmas. We want our customers, employees and partners to come together to share the spirit of Christmas. Therefore, this year’s Christmas campaign is about telling our customers: “We love you, we care about you, and you are part of our family”. So this year it’s about peace and love.



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