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Childhood Christmas Memories at Husband & Wife

In a quiet and cosy cafe in Maidenhead, Husband & Wife cleaning services has come together to recall our most cherished Christmas childhood memories. We know that Christmas is underway and most of you have already bought gifts, but we hope that at least one of you will realize that Christmas is not about gifts but about the warmth of family. Your kids and your family need only you. Here are our memories:

1. Snow shovelling

“It was a night like any other. Only with more stars, very calm, silent and holy. It was snowing and freezing all day long…the snow was soft like a piece of cotton, white like milk and very squeaky to walk on. Like a white blanket it covered everything around us ”, – says Gina, the accountant at Husband & Wife cleaning services. We were snowed in, so, I and my dad used big shovels to clear the snow. It was not a difficult job, because the fresh smell of snow and the joy of, being with my dad brought warmth to my heart.

2. Celebrating Christmas with the entire extended family

A family is the entire foundation of everything according to Erika and Laimonas, the owners of the company. “For Christmas, we invite all our moms, siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins to our house. Our home is filled with wonderful spirit -joy and the laughter of children. There’s a glowing Christmas tree, genuine Christmas carols and plenty of time to spend together. Christmas is also a time for religious celebration. In addition, we believe that warmth should come from faith and your heart. Bringing people together is the source of so many wonderful memories for us”-, says Laimonas. Our managers Justin, Laura and Rimantė also agree that the best thing about Christmas is family and loved ones. Simon adds that Christmas gifts played an important role in his life. Being a kid he used to wake up at night and with a flashlight in hands look for Christmas presents.

3. Baking cookies with my mom and sharing the blessing

Cooking was not an unusual activity in the family home, but baking Christmas cookies was always really important, says Silvia. “I recall how excited I used to be when my mum gave me some pastry to make different figures like flowers or suns. What a challenge for a kid to put them into the oven and to have to wait until they are done. I can remember the smell and being awed by the beauty of our cookies. Glowing candles on an Advent wreath, a real Christmas tree and the joy of being together are at the heart of my memories. My mother always taught me to buy gifts for our neighbours – three kids whose mom was single and couldn’t afford to have presents for her kids. If the God blessed us, we can share this blessing with others.

Our childhood Christmas Memories inspired us to share the warmth of Christmas with our valued clients. We are coming to your home with care and love to put you at the forefront of our thoughts this year.

 What are your favourite Christmas memories? We would love to read about them in the comments.


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