Benefits of green cleaning

Did you know that dust at home and in the workplace can really damage your health, and impact on your mood and emotions? If you are one of those people who want to live and work in a clean environment that is safe for your family, children, pets, employees and clients then outstanding green program is for you.

Do you know the benefits of green cleaning? There are a variety of them. Firstly, it is improved air quality. The use of traditional cleaning products has been associated with increased indoor air pollution. The United States Environmental Protection Agency  (EPA) confirms that after cleaning for a few hours with traditional cleaning products, the level of air pollutants can be 1,000 times higher than background outdoor levels. As a result, people suffer from diseases like asthma, bronchitis and respiratory illnesses. The solution is clear. Eco-friendly cleaning agents can significantly improve indoor air quality and alleviate diseases. It is simple: green cleaning is beneficial for you, your family and even your pets.

Secondly, green cleaning means fewer illnesses for for you and your kids. It is no secret that children naturally touch and lick surfaces as well as crawl on carpets, rugs and hardwood floors. If you clean with traditional cleaning products, your home environment is filled with a variety of pollutants that can trigger allergies or asthma. According to Asthma UK’s research findings, 5.4 million people in the UK are currently receiving treatment for asthma: 1.1 million children (1 in 11) and 4.3 million adults (1 in 12). In general, the UK has amongst the highest prevalence rates of asthma symptoms in children worldwide. Action needs to be taken to help children with asthma and to alleviate the causes. Green Cleaning can help to reduce asthma triggers. Professional green cleaning focuses on minimizing indoor allergens in the course of vacuuming, dusting, mopping, washing sheets and cleaning carpets and rugs. Dust is a major source of allergies and asthma. It is very important to keep it under control inside the home. With green cleaning products and methods your kids will grow up in a safe, clean and comfortable environment.

To sum up: Green cleaning has got a variety of benefits including improved air quality, fewer illnesses for for you and your kids. Our services aim to accommodate our valued clients, particularly those with allergies, asthma and respiratory diseases.


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